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Purchasing Property in Bali

Investing in Property & Real Estate in Bali, Indonesia

Steady Increase in Capital Value. Guaranteed Return on Investment. Improvement in Lifestyle.

Why Invest in a Villa in Bali?

Whether you simply want to live somewhere else, retire one day in Bali or are looking for a good return on your investment, the fundamental reasons for choosing Bali are basically the same:

A wide range of attractions combined with good infrastructure and convenient airline connections have made this beautiful island extremely popular as a tourist destination and home of choice for many foreigners.

Because of this, and the still reasonable prices, property investment on the island has been generating high regular returns, and property values have continued to appreciate even during difficult times.

What’s so Special about this Island?

Annual Reader Surveys by major travel magazines continually confirm the perception of Bali as the most enchanting travel destination in the world. The friendly people and the absence of security problems guarantee a completely relaxing stay. Because of the physical beauty of the island and its wide variety of attractions, Bali is seen by many experienced travelers as the “Ultimate Island”.

(If you’ve never been to Bali before, or haven’t been there recently, and you want to find out what’s going on, have a look at “BALIGUIDE.COM – a Continually Updated Insider’s Guide”).

Living in Bali

Communication have been improving every year (nowadays Broadband Internet connection is no problem), and frequent direct flights connect Bali with many places around the world.

There are several International Schools on the island and a wide range of imported food and drinks is available. Full-time cooks, maids, gardeners, drivers, etc. are easily affordable which means you can live very comfortably in Bali at low cost.

Medical services are provided by local hospitals and international clinics such as International SOS and the “Bali International Medical Center” (BIMC) which both use overseas experts for tele-diagnosis. If you need to see Western doctors, both Singapore and Perth in Australia are only a short flight away.

If you want to do business, you can register a PMA (Foreign Investment) company which will entitle you (and your dependents) to a Resident Visa and Work Permit. Retirement Visas are available for anybody above 55 years of age.

The Bottom Line

Buying or building a beautiful villa in Bali you can rent out when you’re not using it yourself has become attractive for many tourists, working expats, future retirees and keen investors.

It is (still) much cheaper than buying a villa in places such as Phuket and Samui in Thailand, and Bali does not have the long rainy season or security problems you find in many other countries. Flying time to reach Bali or Thailand is about the same from most places in the world.

Even more important: If you invest in a top-class villa in Bali you will receive a guaranteed income from having it rented out when you’re not staying there yourself without any hassles or responsibilities. You can also expect a steady increase in value.

This is because if your villa meets our quality standards, will offer you a lease with guaranteed income for the months you don’t occupy your villa yourself. We will also manage your property and pay all regular expenses and maintenance costs during the time of the lease agreement.

When you decide one day it’s the right time, you can apply for a “Retirement Visa” and live permanently in Bali.

Legal Requirements & Options

Before investing in property in Indonesia you should look through these legal requirements:

  • Can Foreigners Own or Rent Property?
  • The Property Laws in Indonesia.

After you have become familiar with the different options for foreignerswho wish to invest in property in Indonesia, please look at these financial issues:

  • Build Yourself or Buy an Existing Villa ?
  • Purchase Prices and Construction Costs.
  • Recommended Areas in which to Own a Villa.

How to Proceed? can help you find villas offered for sale by their owners and/or we can help you find land on which to build your own villa. We can recommend architects and contractors if you wish to handle things yourself, and tell you our experiences with them.

To review details of all the legal documents required, clients will obtain a copy of the standard contracts from us before they consult a lawyer or notary. It’s most important you have the land titles carefully checked by a reliable local notary before you go ahead fine-tuning and executing all contracts to acquire the land and build your villa.

High-Quality Freehold Villas for Sale

Right now offers two completed villas for sale: the “Bali Impian Residence” is located on the “Bukit” (hill) on the Southern peninsula; “Villa Mahayani” is on the way to Canggu about 3 miles/5 km after Jalan Oberoi.

In addition to the expected appreciation in the property’s value (about 10% to 20% p.a.), investors will enjoy free management and maintenance as well as a net return of 5% to 8% per year from Bali Impian Residence.

Villas such as these two properties are the best choice for keen investors. The price is not much higher than for lease-hold villas of the same size and quality, but instead of a lease which expires after 20 or 30 years the resale value of these is expected to be a multiple of the original investment after some time.

Leasehold Properties

If you don’t want to commit US$400,000 or more for a vacation villa or future retirement home but expect to receive an attractive return on your investment starting soon, the acquisition of a leasehold property will be the right solution for you. has very recently secured three smaller villas in an excellent location in Tanjung Benoa and has renovated these properties. These “Sport Villas” feature two and three bedrooms and are set in private gardens with small swimming pools. Guests have access to a 23m lap pool and free use of an on-site tennis court. Bali’s best beaches, all watersport facilities and the Nusa Dua Golf & Country Club are nearby. Prices are US$120,000 to

Land and Villas in Other Parts of Bali

If you’re interested in properties or land located elsewhere on the island of Bali, right on the beach, for instance, please contact us by telephone or e-mail at and let us know what kind of property you’re interested in.